Cyprus Youth Film-making Competition Results!

The results of the Youth Film-making Competition “The person beyond the label” in Cyprus are out! Citizens In Power / Πολίτες Σε Ισχύ would like to thank all participants for taking part in the Youth Film-making Competition “The person beyond the label”. After reviewing the videos, the C.I.P. team is awarding the following three: – […]

FATI Project at the Purpan Centre

As part of the FATI project, we’ve been running a series of workshops targeting the young refugees hosted at the Purpan Center, in Toulouse. The boys have explored MIT app inventor to create smartphone applications.Other subjects we’ve tackled include: graphic design with Inkscape, running a computer on raspberry pi zero, and 3D modeling and 3D […]

Over the past few years we’ve been witnessing one of the largest refugee crisis in the history of mankind, as millions of refugees are fleeing their homelands and seeking safety in Europe. As if that challenge is not hard enough, finding a way to stay in Europe is a story of its own. For that […]

Tornosnews : Refugee student teaches Greek language to kids...

Like other teenagers his age, at 13, Sabri Madi relies on social media and the internet to connect with the world. On platforms like Facebook, the Palestinian boy catches up on the latest with friends and family across Europe and the Middle East. They are among the nearly 900 followers of the “Learn Greek” page […]

Currently there is an upward trend of the nationalistic and xenophobic atmosphere within the EU societies, which is undoubtedly being reinforced in the recent years, due to both the large refugee flows and the terrorist acts occurring across Europe. Accordingly, the Gallup study of attitudes toward immigration found people in Europe the most negative in […]

Forbes : Half Of UK's Fastest-Growing Businesses Have A Foreign-Born Founder

An insightful article from Forbes uses analysis of SyndicateRoom’s Top 100 list, which identifies companies who have seen the largest increase in value over the last three years, and finds that while just 14 per cent of UK residents are foreign-born, 49 per cent of our fastest-growing businesses have at least one foreign-born co-founder, including refugees. […]

Syrian refugee finds success and a business partner in Amman

From a young age, Ehab was fascinated by how things worked, even if it meant sacrificing some of his favourite toys to his insatiable curiosity. “When I was a kid, I would take apart my electronic games just to explore what was inside them,” he said. With a long history of hosting refugees, Jordan’s capital […]

Children create moving refugee film

Members of an after school club in St Fillan’s have created a new animated film which examines the story of a woman’s journey to Scotland. Read more at

The Organization Providing Free Coding School For Refugees

Over the past few years, numerous coding schools have popped up all over Europe as an alternative to universities, to help people transition into programming careers. But the majority have hefty tuition fee price tags. Entrepreneur Germán Bencci identified a gap in the market—the exorbitant cost of the schools, paired with a skills shortage in tech—and launched Code Your Future. In it’s […]