Photo or video competition on social media: ‘we are intercultural’ #BCNconcursoFATI

There is a growing nationalist, racist and xenophobic tendency in EU societies, which is undoubtedly expanded in recent years by the bad images on refugee and immigrant flows. At this time, Europe has a negative attitude towards migrations and the arrival of people from other countries. From the FATI Project we want to counteract these negative images, and promote interculturality and the inclusion of all people in our society.

We seek: Photos or videos with a clear message that promotes interculturality and the inclusion of migrants in society.
Who can participate? young people living in Spain, aged 14 to 25 years.
Competition open: from 19 July 2019 to 30 October 2019.
Who wins? the 3 most voted photos or videos in the networks.
Prizes: 2 LOMO insta-cameras and a Lomo-Kino 35mm video camera.

How to participate: Before October 30th, you share your photo or your video with the message about what interculturality brings to us, your FB, twitter or instagram with the hashtag #BCNconcursoFATI. If your social media account is private, we can not see the content, in this case send us your photo / video with the text for the post to one of our networks, and we will share it for you.

For more info about how to participate access CEPS Projectes Socials web: